Parachute — Insurance for Private Company Investments

When investing in the future, protect your capital

Parachute protects our clients' capital if their startup investment crashes. Our clients can invest in the future they want and still be protected against the unforeseen.

Downside protection for startup investors

Will you see your capital again?

The worst thing about investing in a startup is not knowing if you will get your capital back. Our clients insure their investments with Parachute to minimize their losses. If an investment fails, while a client has a Parachute policy, we will return the insured capital to a client. We protect our clients from the downside, while they invest in the future.

A control system for better investing

Choose when you're protected

Our clients do not fear risks, but do want to control them. Clients can choose when to stop coverage on their capital. There is no need for downside protection when you know an investment is on the up. However, when the future is unknown, Parachute protects our clients on the down.

Without Parachute

Risk everything

Startup investing today: write a check and get a return at a liquidity event. No one knows if and when that will happen. It feels like the capital is gone.

With Parachute

Risk over time

Startup investing with Parachute: write a check, pay a premium, and get a return at a liquidity event. In the worst case of failure, the capital is returned to you. Premiums are the only thing that's lost in the worst case scenario.

Insurance for your investments

Simplifying risks

Our customers insure their invested capital at the time of investment. If Parachute underwrites this investment, our customer pays a monthly premium as long as they want. Customers can cancel at any time.If an investment fails while a customer's policy is active, Parachute deploys the insured capital back to our customer.

Better investment results

Improving IRR

Parachute helps improve an individual investor's IRR. Before, deals had a return or were a loss. With Parachute, some or all of the deals that were a loss will now return the invested capital. This overall improves IRR, and we help our clients come up with the best strategy that works for their investments.

Preserving capital

Risking income

Accruing the capital you choose to invest takes time and effort. There is no need to risk that earned effort on something that may fail. With Parachute, we help mitigate the consequence of failure. Parachute is built for investors with income, where their income covers the premiums, and Parachute protects the capital.

Bring Parachute on the next venture

Sign up to learn more about how Parachute can help protect your capital against failed investments.

Bring Parachute on the next venture

Sign up to learn more about how Parachute can help protect your capital against failed investments.

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