It takes risk to rise above the rest

Risks do not mean losses

Parachute helps accredited investors protect their principal in private investments. We know that biggest risks lead to the biggest wins, and the best minimize the losses.

Investing today

Risk everything

90% of new ventures fail, but early investors in new ventures can get a 100x return on their capital. The reward is worth the risk. However, the risk is far greater for the average accredited investor. As an individual investor, there is no control to manage the return and liquidity risk of the investment. Even when things are going well, everything could be lost.

Investing with a Parachute

Risk what you know

Parachute is an insurance that puts investors in control. Our members pay a monthly premium for us to insure the capital they invested in a new venture. If the new venture fails while our members have an active Parachute policy, our members will get all of their invested capital back. Taking risks does not create value, managing risks does.

More than just insurance

Our policies cater to you

Passion drives investment more than anything else. People invest because it supports the people they love, builds their local community, and solves a problem that makes the world a better place. Our goal is to insure those who stand out from the rest. We make a point to know what drives you and help you accomplish the goals that go beyond yourself.


It's just risking more

Diversification increases the odds of a good investment by making more investments. It does not eliminate the risk of losing everything. As an individual investor, it either leads to bigger risks or smaller investments. Neither is proven for better success. From experience, we know this leads to fewer and smaller successes from worse opportunities. It's a losing proposition for the individual investor.


Risking one at a time

Our members diversify their investments over time. Impulse is the enemy of good judgment. Since our members can insure their committed capital, they can learn from the risks that they take and make better investments over time. Our policies also allow our investors to invest more in the companies they believe in and the people they trust. This is the recipe for extraordinary success.

How Parachute works

Diversification for less

Our members take out policies on their investments. Our job is to make sure these investments do not all fail at the same time. As long as this is the case, and people want to invest in new ventures for better returns, our members' capital is safe. If a member ever thinks the premiums are too expensive, they just need to stop payment to cancel the policy.

This sounds too expensive

It's expensive

Our services are expensive because they offer a lot of protection. While we do not protect our members from the return risk of their investments, we offer liquidity when anything can kill a company. However, that being said, our members could expect to pay no more in premiums than they would pay a professional investor in management fees and carry. In most cases, our premiums are less than management fees and carry.

How can I start?

It's a membership

We can only afford to work with the best people. Only members can take out a Parachute policy. This straightforward application process confirms a member is an accredited investor with a legal right to the funds they claim. Like any other kind of membership, we monitor members to weed out any bad-faith actors. Bad actors put us and our members at risk.

Take flight with a Parachute

We would love to support your passions

Submit your information to follow us on our journey, and please add additional details if you would like to be considered for membership. These details can be added directly to your message and should contain the necessary details to tell us that your investments fit with our product. Looking forward to connecting.

We look forward to working with you

Our founder will reach out to any serious inquiry within 72 hours. If you do not hear from us in that timeframe, please do not hesitate to reach us through other means.